82 New Oxford Street, WC1A 1HB, London 020 7436 8231
We are renewing ancient history.
Our Founders

Nicola & Michele Buono


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Manitoba Tigella brings about a brand new culinary experience.

The first Tigella Kitchen Bar in London is individualised by a welcoming environment with a unique identity where Italian tradition and innovation blend perfectly to present you with an extraordinary gastronomic experience.

“Tigella”, which is undoubtedly the main attraction of our kitchen, is a traditional stuffed bread from the regional countryside, whose exact origin has been lost in time, which is to be enjoyed, today just as it was long ago, with the best cheese and salami from its place of birth: Emilia Romagna. Fully prepared in accordance with rural customs, but also with reviewed with a modern light with the creation of a gourmet line. Our offer is complete with imaginative and innovative dishes that are, at the same time, simple and traditional.

The Manitoba Kitchen Bar will be happy to welcome you every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can savour our excellent drinks, including the best artisanal Italian beers, fantastic wine from the Mediterranean peninsula selected with care, to accompany our dishes, or simply to drink on every occasion. Add to them our fantastic cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to make every moment of your day special.




In a warm and welcoming modern location. Manitoba in New Oxford Street does not forget its Emilian and Italian traditions: The environment is adorned by a large counter, which ends with a spectacular cooking theatre, where one can admire, first-hand, the preparation of the ‘tigella’. A large wall of wines contributes to the construction of an enriching atmosphere, and a large video wall where one can appreciate an old movie or a sporting event depending on the evening. Whilst on the second floor, one can discover the perfect environment to best enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, in peace and tranquillity.

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